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These  Conditions and Terms of use of the online store (hereinafter „the Terms”) are applicable to buying-in orders of MAURT SRL products and services  executed via the webpage  www.maurt.md  (hereinafter the „Site”).
By using this site, you hereby accept the Terms set forth by MAURT SRL, a limited liability company, with legal address in 15 Voluntarilor St., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD 2021, phone number  +373 022 871300, e-mail vanzari@maurt.md, Tax code 1003600049760 (hereinafter  “MAURT SRL”).
MAURT SRL reserves the right to amend these provisions, the latest version of these terms can be found at the company site, at „Conditions and terms of use”.
We advise you to carefully read these Terms. This site was created to be used by natural and legal persons which purchase MAURT SRL products or services.


Personal Information

You agree that your orders for rendering of services or buying products shall be processed shortly after all the registration formalities are fulfilled.
The provided information must be accurate and true. By signing up, you undertake to provide the correct name, address and other required information.  To update and edit these personal data, please go to the „My account” menu.
By accessing your account at the online store and by using the personal password you become responsible for all actions that result from it. MAURT SRL cannot be held liable for any errors/consequences arising from the negligence of the user concerning the protection and confidentiality of the account and password.


Security of personal data

Your personal data can be stored and used by MAURT SRL to process, confirm, fulfill orders, to inform you by e-mail, instant messages, regular mail or other communication means with regard to the consequent steps, for the purpose of drafting statistical reports and improving the rendering of services.

All client personal data is confidential, under the Law.  The personal data could be made available to competent authorities, only in accordance with the issued authorizations under the Law or when MAURT SRL deems necessary to prevent or investigate the infringements against the rights of MAURT SRL or of a third party, in accordance with the legal provisions.

This site employs security measures that prevent the loss, corruption or incorrect use of personal information under our management.
We inform you that you have the rights provided by Articles 12-16 of the Law no. 133 as of July 08, 2011 on the protection of  personal data,  specifically the right to be informed, the right of access  to data, the right to edit the supplied personal information and the right to object, which you can exercise by submitting a written request to MAURT SRL, 15 Voluntarilor St., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD 2021.
If payments are made by using debit/credit cards, the information regarding the card (number, expiry date etc.) will not be transferred or stored on MAURT SRL servers.
Any attempt to access the personal data of a different user or to alter the contents of the site or to affect the servers’ performance on which the webpage runs, shall be interpreted as an attempt to defraud the site and will result in the initiation of criminal proceeding against the perpetrators.



The whole content of the Site: images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphics elements, scripts, software and other data (with the exception of those carried over from software developers and distributors, with their consent) – are the property of MAURT SRL and/or its suppliers and are protected by the Law on Copyright and related rights and by the Laws concerning intellectual and industrial property. Any use of the above listed elements without MAURT SRL consent is punishable in accordance with the laws in force.


Access to the Site

MAURT SRL grants users limited access to the Site, on personal grounds and does not give them the right to download or partially or fully alter the Site, to partially or fully replicate the Site, to copy, to sell/re-sell or use it in any other manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of the company MAURT SRL, without its prior consent.

MAURT SRL reserves the right to bar access to certain users of the Site, as well as to restrict the processing or delivery of an order if user fraud is suspected, they have not reached 18 years of age or if they harm the MAURT SRL interests.

By browsing the Site, you can inform yourselves about MAURT SRL offers and place orders to purchase MAURT SRL products and services.


Description of services and products on sale

The products and services of MAURT SRL are offered under the conditions and terms described on Site and will be delivered in accordance with Terms of delivery or other terms as provided by the contract.
The MAURT SRL are offered as displayed on the Site and within available stocks. MAURT SRL cannot guarantee the availability in stocks of all  products on sale. MAURT SRL shall inform the consumer about absence in stock of the product, and the payments made will be returned in the shortest time possible, but not later than 30 days, if MAURT SRL cannot fill the order.  With user’s consent, MAURT SRL can deliver a different product or render a service similar in quality and equivalent in price with those initially ordered.
The product images are displayed on the Site as product samples, and the delivered goods may have different labels, but will correspond to certificates of quality issued by producers.  MAURT SRL and its suppliers reserves the right to amend the specifications of products described on the Site without notifying the user in advance.
The contents of the Site (texts, products descriptions, specifications, images, symbols, certificates of quality) have been composed based on the brand documentation issued by producers/distributors/representatives. For these reasons, MAURT SRL does not assume responsibility to describe/present the specifications of the products displayed at the online store, these are submitted by the producers of each product.
In case of non-delivery or sub-optimal delivery of goods, the maximum amount of MAURT SRL obligations/liabilities  to any client shall not exceed the amount received by MAURT SRL from the client.



Prices include VAT, delivery costs and are shown in the final bill and display the amounts provided in the Terms of delivery.  The content and prices are subject to certain amendments performed by MAURT SRL. The term of validity of prices and offers is specified on the Site frontpage.


The orders

By placing the order, it is implied that the user agrees with the Conditions and Terms and with the special conditions which apply to the offers.  Prior to ordering/validation, the user’s identity must be verified by the user signing in to his/her personal account.
MAURT SRL reserves the right to request additional documentation required to process and validate the placed order, such as personal ID cards or excerpts from State Register of Legal Entities.
The goods purchased via the Site cannot be re-sold or distributed commercially, with the exception of cases when between MAURT SRL and the consumer separate contracts are concluded.   MAURT SRL reserves the right to limit the maximum amount of goods purchased by a consumer via the Site.


Delivery of the goods

MAURT SRL reserves the right to validate the orders prior to receiving the payment by means of contacting the client via phone and request confirmation of user’s age by means of an ID Card.
The ordered goods are delivered within the Chisinau city limits.  MAURT SRL reserves the right to refuse to process orders that cannot be fulfilled due to bad weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, snowing, as well as during natural disasters and force majeure situations.
The delivery guarantees that the placed order will reach the client the following day, between 9:00 and 18:00.  Delivery orders are accepted up until 17:00.  Orders received after 17:00 are processed the following day. The delivery of goods will cost an additional 25 MDL. If the placed order exceeds 600 MDL, the delivery will be performed free of charge. If the client wishes an express delivery, the ordered goods will be delivered in 1-1,2 hours’ time. This type of delivery will cost an additional 60 MDL, received by straus.md, which is our online store partner, and which is bound by contract to the consumer and the Site.

The client may request the order to be delivered to his address or to specify a different location and a contact person that will sign the receipt of delivery.  The Site must deliver the ordered goods in proper condition, the client must pay for them, and if the payment was not performed via online payment systems, to present a valid ID card, which must bear the name of the client, which made the payment or the name of the person specified by the client and authorized to receive the order.  The client must sign the receipt of delivery and to check the order. Any ulterior complaint with regard to missing or sub-optimal goods from the delivered package shall not be accepted by MAURT SRL.

Delivery schedule:
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00

If the client cannot be found at the specified address, the courier will attempt to get in touch with the client for a total of two times, after which the order will be cancelled. If the order is cancelled due to the client’s fault, MAURT SRL, depending on the selected option, reserves the right to penalize the client to bear the cost of delivery


The right of revocation

According to the Law no. 105-XV as of March 13, 2013 on the protection of consumers, if you are a natural person, you have the right to revoke the contract concluded at a distance, without presenting any reasons, within 14 calendar days, beginning with the day when the contract with MAURT SRL was signed, or from the day you have acquired physical possession of the ordered goods.
In order to exercise the right of revocation you must submit a revocation letter to MAURT SRL headquarters. With the revocation letter, the ordered goods must be returned, sealed and have all the accompanying documents. If the revocation request is submitted within 14 days period, MAURT SRL shall reimburse the client the amount paid by the client within maximum of 14 calendar days from the day of receipt of the revocation request.  We shall reimburse the client using a method chosen by the Site. The cost of ordered delivery will not be reimbursed.
If the returned goods do not match the goods that were delivered by the Site or if they are unsealed, MAURT SRL will have the right to not return the full amount of the cost of ordered delivery.  The amount returned by the Site cannot exceed the value of the supplied goods. The client shall cover all direct cost  incurred to return the goods. Also, the client must cover all bank fees which resulted from the reimbursement of paid amounts.


Payment for goods

The payment for goods ordered in accordance with these Conditions and Terms can be made at the delivery of goods or online, with credit/debit card, within the specified limits, or in accordance with terms governing the payments via credit/debit cards.

If the client opts to use the online payment method via credit/debit card, in that case the client will be re-directed to a BC Moldova Agroindbank secure webpage, our financial partner, which is the online payment operator.  The client must fill in the form and supply truthful credit/debit card information in line with bank requirements.  If the payment is approved, the order will be processed and executed in accordance with the above-mentioned terms. If the client opts to pay at the time delivery of goods, the payment must be made in full amount with cash.


The product warranty

The goods purchased via the Site are covered by the producer’s warranty, in compliance with the legal provisions.



All the above Conditions and Terms are governed the legal framework of the Republic of Moldova.  All disputes shall be amiably settled. If all attempts at settling the dispute amiably have failed, the issue will be referred to a Republic of Moldova court of law.


The standard delivery guarantees that the ordered goods will reach you the following day, between 09:00 and 18:00. Standard delivery orders are accepted up until 17:00. Orders placed after 17:00 are processed the following day. The delivery will cost an additional 25 MDL. If the placed order exceeds 600 MDL, the delivery will be free of charge.  This type of order is delivered only within the Chisinau city limits. For any other locations, please contact our office.


If the client wishes an express delivery, the order will be delivered in 1-1,2 hours. This type of delivery will cost an additional 60 MDL, received by straus.md, our online store partner, and which is bound by contract to the consumer and the Site. This method of delivery is available only within the Chisinau city limits (Attention! The last order is accepted at 17-00).


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