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Codru is the central part of Moldova and it holds the bulk of vineyard plantations – 52 500 ha (approximately 60%). Both linden and oak forests that occupy 25% of the territory and positively influence the micro-climate of the region and the diversity of the landscape, made of valleys, dales and many small rivers make up favorable conditions for the fruit-bearing of a rich spectrum of grape varieties. It is namely here that the Maurt vineyards bear fruits, on the territory of Nisporeni district, that is located at approximately  equal distances from the north and south endpoints of the country, representing the true heart of Moldova.

The propitious physical and geographical location, the topography, the fertile black soils (about 80% of the soils), the temperate continental climate with mild and short winters and warm and long summers have favored the culture of vines varieties suitable for white wines, red wines and sparkling wines.

Maurt products are a perfect blend of properly using the virtues of Moldovan soil and the professionalism of the winemakers and vine-growers team.


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