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It is of no coincidence that Moldova has the shape of a grape on the world map – this is our world, the world of grapevines and wine! Our world is a small country with rich vineyards that create the decor in a piece of heaven on earth. In our world, wine making is a legacy, passed carefully from generation to generation. In our world, we have people who turn grapevine into passion. Here, wine is music that resonates far beyond the borders of our country.

In our world grapevine is the queen. Moldova has the highest density of vineyards worldwide – 3.8% of the country and over 7% of arable land. The passion of wine making in our world passes on from father to son, and our vineyards and wine tell a story of thousands of years.

Even before Christ, the wine of these lands was a currency and a battle trophy. Grapevine has been attested here 7000 years BC. A famous line from “The Iliad” by Homer states: “The Greeks went to Thrace to find wine”. Viticulture peaked in the fifteenth century, during the reign of Stephen the Great. Moldovan wine has been awarded its first gold medal in 1878, at the World Exhibition in Paris, and during the Soviet Union, Moldova was the largest wine supplier in the USSR.

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