Discover the corporate world of Maurt, where people consider viticulture as their work and passion.

The love for the vine, the growth and the harvest has taught us to appreciate every drop of wine and to share this joy with other people

We sacredly preserve the exceptional qualities of Maurt wines, which carry the millennia-old Codru secrets.


Bacio di Bolle Gold Edition

Bacio di Bolle Gold Edition, a noble sparkling wine with a special blend of grape varieties whose aromas complement each other: Chardonnay and Glera.

The grapes are harvested in the Codru region and remain in the vineyards long enough to develop the typical characteristics of each variety.

The Charmat method of production gives the wine an incredibly elegant and persistent perlage.

The delicious aroma of fresh fruit and rich flavor, complemented by the golden particles, create an exceptional result, a unique sparkling wine.


The cognacs with the special name Marshal are the new innovation of the specialists of the company, who make the best product with love and skill.

Pure quality and taste are achieved through the distillation of an exclusive blend of wines.

The aging in oak barrels gives it an unforgettable and complex aroma that will satisfy even the pickiest tastes.

With a remarkable personality and strong character, Marshal cognacs are characterized by an attractive and noble color.

The amazing golden luster gives them the originality and high quality appreciated at their just value.


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