About Us

Our world is located in a small country with rich vineyards that adorn a small paradise called Moldova!

The vineyards of our winery are located in the heart of Codru, and wine is the heritage here, carefully passed down from generation to generation.

Discover the world of the Maurt company, where people consider the vine as their work and passion.

The love for the vine, for growing and harvesting has taught us to appreciate every drop of wine and to share this joy with other people.


Here, wine is the music that can be heard far beyond the borders of the land.

The road of wine is long but full of awards, while the vines and the wines have been telling their stories for thousands of years.

Homer, in a song of his famous “Iliada”, told of “Greek robbers who came to Thrace in search of wine”.

We sacredly preserve the exceptional qualities of Maurt wines, which carry the millennia-old secrets of Codru.


Maurt has its beginnings in 1996, a winery with a rich history and experience that through dedication and hard work has created the best products to reach the heart of people.

In the production of Maurt products we use the experience of our winemakers and select the priceless ideas that define their uniqueness.

We offer our customers only products that meet the highest standards.

We look with confidence into the eyes of those who taste our products and are proud of the result obtained.

It is a reward for all the work and love that is bottled!

Founder Morar Aurel


Always looking for excellence, elegance and character in a special wine that can talk about the amazing place where it comes from, Aurelius decided to develop his wines in the town of Nisporeni, an area with protected geographical indication – Codru.

Codru is the central area of Moldova and includes the main massif of vineyards – about 60 thousand hectares (about 60%).

The millennial oak and linden forests in this area have a positive influence on the microclimate of the region and the diversity of the relief, composed of valleys and many small rivers, which create favorable conditions for the fruitiness of a rich variety of grapes.

The light and airy soils, characterized by clay and clay-sand, the advantageous physical-geographical position, the relief, the climate, but also the traditions of the people who work in the vineyard, significantly influence the development of the grapes and the wine, giving each vineyard a different character that can be summarized as Terroir.


The vineyards in the Codru area are tended with the utmost care according to the principles handed down from father to son.

Each plot is carefully identified and used.

They are worked according to the latest technologies to eliminate herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, increasing the intervention in green work, and the vine returns all the properties of the soil and the energy of the sun.

From the beginning, the location of the vineyards stands out, they seem like a hill blessed by God.

This vineyard, with an area that grows annually, occupies the entire hill that slopes down to the valleys.

The exposure to the sun is exceptional with a south-west positioning, the plateau absorbs the first rays of the morning and retains the last.

This region is unique for the personality of the vine and the sunny slopes, the finesse of the white wines obtained here and, above all, the traditional love of the people for wine culture.

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